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Constitute a significant part of engineering education is very important in practical work to be done during an internship. At this stage, an engineer sees lessons candidate is expected to reinforce skills and knowledge with practical work. It is expected that allowing businesses related to the field, working in these enterprises by themselves and the acquisition of new gains by observing. Students may experience issues not just familiar during internship. Here it is necessary to obtain the required information by doing research and they will have the opportunity to obtain preliminary information about the course.


Three groups as part of the internship in Mechatronics Engineering and internship must be made 72 days in total.

1) 12 day summer internship is obligatory. It should be completed end of the class 1. Otherwise, the students do not begin other internship.

2) Practice in workshop internship consists of a minimum of 30 up to 40 working days. The remaining internship is made ​​as business Practice.

Read the instruction before beginning the internship for more information. Here students can access the information on internships that they have made so far.


Annotation: Students are classified according to university entrance year is not by classes. Information for the years is on the excel file.


Internship Application Documents:

For the letter of commitment click here.

For internship acceptance form click here.

For internship registration document click here.

For Faculty of Technology internships instruction click here.

For Mechatronics Engineering internship application principles click here.

For internship diary click here.

Example internship file click here.

Example 12-day internship file click here.

Example of petition for students will stay in dorms click here.



Electronic Experiment Sheets

For experiment sheets click here.

Machine Application Sheets

For application sheets click here.



*Before starting internship letter of commitment, copy of identity card and student card, internship registration document and 2 internship acceptance form must be obtained. Documents downloaded from the above links.

* Engineers in the field should be at least one in firm.

* During an internship studies should be made according to the profession to contribute professional knowledge and experience. Place of work completed internship registration document by the end of internship be sent to the Department of Mechatronics Engineering or it is brought the department by students in a stamped envelope.

*Internship diary must be delivered by covering and binding.